Southwold Primary School Choir in concert!

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The Southwold Primary School Choir will give their next performance on Wednesday 28th June 2023, 1pm, at a lunchtime concert in St Edmund’s Church as part of the 2023 Southwold Arts Festival.

The Southwold Music Trust has been proud to support weekly specialist music provision for the school since the pandemic, particularly through the funding of weekly singing sessions for ‘Mars Class’, which comprises school years 5 and 6.

This support has developed a range of musical activities within school, including end of term musicals, Christmas, Harvest and St. Edmund’s ‘Sticky Bun’ Day services, and other more informal performances within school to parents and teachers.

The choir now feel ready to perform a more ambitious programme, and have been practicing very hard for the past few months in preparation. Their song selections include classical and contemporary songs in a wide variety of styles and representing diverse musical traditions. The songs reflect topics which the children have been studying in school, including the environment and climate change, and a history of slavery.

For more information on the concert, and to book tickets, please visit the Southwold Arts Festival website. Tickets are £8 and can be purchased in advance through the Arts Festival website site. We look forward to seeing you there!

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